Tableau – Site Level License Quotas

OK, so you have Tableau licenses for your Creators, Explorers and your viewers.

You love having no limitations on the server capacity to serve your analytically minded users.

However, you are not able to easily charge back each BU. Having site level quotas you help you manage that.¬†For now (as recent as 2019.1), Tableau doesn’t support Site level quotas.

Here is a working solution that you can use to administer the site user counts and quotas for now

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Its the time to learn from your children

At this time of the year, many of the conversations with my colleagues and friends revolves around change; changes to your accounts, change to your management, change to your role, there is no dearth of change at this time of the year

Which brings me to how I think we should process the amount of change.

If you got kids (own or in family), remind yourself of the amount of change they go through every single year; New classroom, new teachers, new subjects, new schedule, and sometimes even a new home

They start almost every single year with a blank slate, carrying their learning from previous year and ready for more. And, they deal with it with resilience and vigor. And they trust the process, that they will come out of it wiser and better

And, that’s my advise to you. Time to learn from your children. Embrace the change as an opportunity to learn more. Learn new things, make new friends, and you shall be wiser and better at this time next year

Tableau Conference 2019 – Personalized Playlist Creator

Ok, you had a great time at TC19 and you just can’t stop raving about it with your co-workers and they watch to watch some of that goodness. Looks like, you also missed some sessions because there was too much goodness happening at the same time.

Back home, ready to watch, but not sure where to start?

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Tableau Dashboard Performance Series: Tip#44: Creating the right Map

If you are trying to find what zipcodes are the ones with highest volume of sales, would the following image provide you the info

OR, would this one?

Both options show the same amount of marks, which is about 40K data points

It turns out that creating polygons to draw the zipcode boundaries is a bit more intensive than creating circles

Tableau Dashboard Performance Series: Tip#7: Visual Filtering

This is very similar to the filter conditions tip but there is a new concept here as well.

In today’s modern tech world, everyone expects more. Every one wants to be able to feel and touch their data. That is exactly what “Visual filtering” allows you to do.

you click on a data element and all the other reports are showing only contextual data.

Once your audience starts using visual filtering, the entire perspective on data changes.

Here’s an impact story:

One of my customers implemented a snr leadership facing dashboard and they recently conducted a meeting where not only did they use the Tableau dashboard to provide info, they decided to actively participate in some slicing and dicing of the data on the dashboard using “visual filtering”

This is the dream

One of the other execs in that meeting upon seeing the power of visual analytics