And, just in case you didn’t know, yelling isn’t a form of leading

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who doesn’t know what they can do to be more effective in their role.  As I talked to them over time, I have realized that this is truly a failure of the management in organization that they work for, that is causing this person to feel this way. You can’t keep hoping for results by shaming people.

A lot of organizations run one of these two ways, using the carrot or the stick.

In certain organizations, the management uses the carrot (mostly money and perks) and in some cases, they use the stick (fear, job insecurity, shaming etc.)

But, in my opinion, neither works.

Leading people is not like herding sheep. You don’t need sheep who stay on the path (the company’s mission) because the herder (and the dog) keeps them there.

Get passionate people to work for you and you will see the results. Everything in the middle just fills itself.

And, it’s not just about about hiring passionate people. It’s important for leadership to also realize how to effectively lead people.

And, just in case you didn’t know, yelling isn’t a form of leading


What if cars could talk to each other?

So, I have been commuting a lot more in my car than I did usually.

And, on a normal day, my commute is about 3 hours (1.5 each way). For some of this time, I end up making work phone calls, sometimes calling my friends, and quite frankly, my favourite part is listening to some podcasts. I can’t believe how I have been living without them all this time. I know, podcasts might already be so long time ago.

anyway, back to the topic.

So, some of my time during this commute, I can’t help but notice the behaviour of so many drivers. I can’t believe these are real people who are behaving this way.

People not allowing others to change lanes, others cutting in without indicators, ocassional honking and yelling and of course, the classic “the flipping finger”

This makes me think, do these people behave the same way when they are driving with their families in the cars.

Would they behave the same way if everyone knew what they were doing?

sort of the same idea as the guy in “N Train Gossip” (who btw, is looking for attention by any means possible)

Made me think, what if cars could talk to each other

What if each car was aware of other cars around it.

So, when there is a baby in the car, others don’t have to be informed via a sticker. The other cars would just know.

If a older person were to get in the fast lane and causing a jam, his/her car would alert that other cars would like the passage forward and he/she could kindly move to less faster lanes.

And more importantly, cars would respect each other a lot more than we humans do.

Which begs the question, why do people behave more courteous in person vs. when they are in a car.. hmmm, food for thought


Oh, if you are thinking, what a great thought around car-to-car communication, the technology is already here 🙂


Data Viz 0r Eye Candy?

It is interesting how much time a lot of designers spend on creating an engaging visualization.

At the end of the day, isn’t data just data? 

As long as we are presenting it in a meaningful way, should we really spend so much time prettying up our dashboards?

This is where I find that data consumers (which is pretty much everyone) who see an dashboard that has been designed for its purpose, spend a lot more time consuming the information


The first dashboard was created within 5-10 minutes with the Tableau Superstore dataset. It provides some very useful info


But, the second ones begs a lot of questions and you are intrigued to spend a lot more time with it.


So, with this particular series, I will put up images of some dashboards that have caught my eye that or the ones I have created. So, hopefully, you can get some inspiration


enjoy the eye-candy

Save the middle name, for later

So, I have been hearing from my kids in more recent past that they would have liked to name themselves this name or that name.

I understand kids engage in some mind exploration exercises and this may be just one of those but I have also met a number of people who don’t really change their names.

In fact, I think I only know 1 person who might have actually changed her name from her given name and even that was just to move away from “Mona” to “Monika”. Not groundbreaking, I would say, yes?

So, why don’t people change their names?

I think a lot of this has to do with the hassle of changing all the paperwork that was set in motion since the day you were born. There is literally too many things to change.


So, here’s an idea. If you think you would like to give your child an opportunity to name themselves something other than their given first name, maybe save on the middle name.


Don’t give them a middle name and if they bring up the fact that would have like to name themselves something different, tell them that you left them the opportunity to give themselves any name they want as the middle name.

You left it blank so they can decide it when they grow up.

And, this may not even have many repercussions since most identity matching is using the first and the last name anyway.


And, even if your kids don’t end up changing their middle name, they will appreciate that you left them a possibility.

Just a thought. I know we didn’t quite do this with our kids but quite frankly, I never gave it much of a thought. I loved my name growing up and so did my wife.