How to build skyscrapers in tableau

So, you are thinking of making a visual to show the distribution of the various line items to the total within the category as well as overall categories

In our (beloved) superstore example, let’s say you want to see how one Sub-category is doing compared to others. In addition, you would like show often an order (or a customer) is providing profit for that sub category, consider a skyscraper graph

Here’s how to build one in 6 steps

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Editing titles to provide more insights in Tableau

So, you have worked on creating a wonderful dashboard for your executives but you want to provide the graphs with some titles so your team can quickly see the numbers too.

Here’s how you might have been doing that for now


But, what about the total numbers?

Yup, you are creating new sheets to do just the metrics. Well, no need, anymore

Here are the tips to add the total of a metric (or metrics for that matter) within the sheet so you can create more insightful dashboards.

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Where in the world was Lovekesh?

So, I have been in consulting for a very long time and I have been capturing a lot of detail over the last decade over or so in a database.

Finally, decided to open that database in Tableau and spend a few hours creating a dashboard…


Now, I can see how many projects have I worked on, which project required least amount of travel, what sort of activity have been I been working on mostly, etc. etc.

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Do you have your Dorothy Boyd?

You have definitely watched this, right?

Have you ever wondered? or asked yourself “Who is my Dorothy Boyd?”

“What if I want to embark on another journey, who would support me? Someone who would believe in my so strongly, they would put their own job at risk? Because I think if Jerry didn’t have Dorothy, he might not be able to do what he did, right?

It’s great to believe in yourself, you can’t get started without it, but sometimes you need others to remind you of what you can do.

Who will stand up and say “I will go with you

Its the Dorothy Boyd’s that you need around you for you to fulfill your purpose, your mission, whatever that might be

Olympians need to act as role models

So, I have been wondering if the values that the modern day athletes have changed much over the course of time.

I was deeply saddened by Ryan Lochte’s exaggeration of the incident in Rio and now, I read that Ms Biles was taking banned substances (with approval). Now, the two situations aren’t the same or even similar, I get that.

When some of the athletes’ medical reports were hacked and leaked (this week), it has come to our notice that Ms. Biles had been taken Ritalin and she has been taking this since she was a kid to help with her ADHD. I am glad that she came out and said there is no shame in taking medicine for ADHD and wants to kill the stigma’s associated with certain conditions.

However, I wonder, if I am wrong in expecting that such information be disclosed to general public in a more proactive manner.

I also understand that she has done everything by the rules, they have asked for a medical exception and IOC has mentioned that all was done as per the rules and she did nothing wrong.

But, I must say, when events transpire, like the recent hack, and athletes then try to explain their side of the story, it looks more like damage control.

Again, I am not accusing her of doing anything wrong and I admire her standing up to the situation. Just saying, it would be good for such info to be disclosed and available as public knowledge prior to the incident.