Multiple Table Extracts in Tableau

So, you might have heard that we launched multiple table extract functionality in 2018.3

I wanted to share my experiences with the beta build so far. Who knows the actual build might make this experience even better 🙂

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Best Practices for Tableau Dashboard Performance

  • Do you have a problem with your tableau dashboards loading slowly?
  • But, not sure where you start?
  • What are the things I should try to optimize first?

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New site for Tableau Conference 2018

I recently got introduced to this wonderful capability within g-suite of products that allows me to create a website for free within minutes.

I put together a simple website to have my customers re-live the excitement of TC18

click on the image to check it out


Tableau Conference 2018 – Custom Playlist Creator

Ok, you had a great time at TC18 and you just can’t stop raving about it with your co-workers, your co-workers want to learn too. But, they want to customize their experience and only watch relevant videos

Now, thanks to TC18 Custom Playlist creator, you can do that

filter the list to sessions you want to watch and you get a custom playlist