Can I use Tableau join culling instead of referential keys on the database?

Ok, I have been meaning to run a few tests with actual data to see if Tableau join culling feature


  • Whatever you can do in DB, do it in DB including performance optimizations. Tableau is great being able to overcome some of the DBA laziness (with features like Join culling) but it still won’t overcome everything
  • You must know Join Culling doesn’t always work such as in scenarios like outer joins, etc. (if you need a list of those, there are other blogs that cover that)
    • Now, also keep in mind that depending on how you build the Tableau model, you might get confused why it doesn’t always work even if it is all inner joins and even we have checked the “Assume Referential Integrity” dialog box
    • You should also understand that the SQL generation is also affected by the the order in which you bring the tables into the Tableau model

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How to add corporate branding to your Tableau dashboard

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add some corporate backgrounds to your Tableau viz just like you do in powerpoint?

Well, you can and here’s how

Once you have created the Tableau Viz, just add an image to the dashboard, make it floating and add to the your dashboard and cover the entire space.

Step 1.

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