How do I display incidence frequency in tableau

So, you are interested in displaying the frequency of a specific type of event over time.

For example, what if each of my orders isn’t making a profit for me and I would like to show the frequency of each of these orders rather than showing the sum total of profit for each week

If I were to show the total of the profit over time, I might show something like this

Profit Chart.png

But, the issue is that this shows the total of the week but doesn’t show the frequency of the loss making orders.

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How to build skyscrapers in tableau

So, you are thinking of making a visual to show the distribution of the various line items to the total within the category as well as overall categories

In our (beloved) superstore example, let’s say you want to see how one Sub-category is doing compared to others. In addition, you would like show often an order (or a customer) is providing profit for that sub category, consider a skyscraper graph

Here’s how to build one in 6 steps

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Editing titles to provide more insights in Tableau

So, you have worked on creating a wonderful dashboard for your executives but you want to provide the graphs with some titles so your team can quickly see the numbers too.

Here’s how you might have been doing that for now


But, what about the total numbers?

Yup, you are creating new sheets to do just the metrics. Well, no need, anymore

Here are the tips to add the total of a metric (or metrics for that matter) within the sheet so you can create more insightful dashboards.

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Where in the world was Lovekesh?

So, I have been in consulting for a very long time and I have been capturing a lot of detail over the last decade over or so in a database.

Finally, decided to open that database in Tableau and spend a few hours creating a dashboard…


Now, I can see how many projects have I worked on, which project required least amount of travel, what sort of activity have been I been working on mostly, etc. etc.

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How to analyze your outlook email with Tableau?

So, if you are like me, you must wonder how much email do you get everyday and if you are able to keep up with it.

For me, I am getting to the point that I feel that others shouldn’t expect that I will respond to every single email. In fact, if something is urgent, I think I have come to expect that I will be called.

Regardless, I do get a lot of email at my work, so I thought of doing some analysis of the data.

This article will describe how you can analyze your outlook email with Tableau

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Data Viz 0r Eye Candy?

It is interesting how much time a lot of designers spend on creating an engaging visualization.

At the end of the day, isn’t data just data?¬†

As long as we are presenting it in a meaningful way, should we really spend so much time prettying up our dashboards?

This is where I find that data consumers (which is pretty much everyone) who see an dashboard that has been designed for its purpose, spend a lot more time consuming the information


The first dashboard was created within 5-10 minutes with the Tableau Superstore dataset. It provides some very useful info


But, the second ones begs a lot of questions and you are intrigued to spend a lot more time with it.


So, with this particular series, I will put up images of some dashboards that have caught my eye that or the ones I have created. So, hopefully, you can get some inspiration


enjoy the eye-candy

What happens when I click the Performance Recording in Tableau?

One of the customers recently asked me “what happens when I click performance recording” in Tableau?

Now, what was surprising was, that this person, who is proficient in Tableau Desktop was asking me the question. Which made me wonder, why?

Why, did he just not click it himself and see what happens?

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