NBA 2019 – Playoff Action

It’s that time of the year and for me, its time to do playoff data analysis again

I have been doing this analysis to see if a simpler version of my metric called “Scoring Impact” works the same as the PER developed by NBA.



From the looks of it, my model is way easier to explain and actually shows a co-relation to the PER. Enjoy the analysis here and let’s go…. Bucks?

Tableau – Site Level License Quotas

OK, so you have Tableau licenses for your Creators, Explorers and your viewers.

You love having no limitations on the server capacity to serve your analytically minded users.

However, you are not able to easily charge back each BU. Having site level quotas you help you manage that. For now (as recent as 2019.1), Tableau doesn’t support Site level quotas.

Here is a working solution that you can use to administer the site user counts and quotas for now

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Tableau Conference 2018 – Custom Playlist Creator

Ok, you had a great time at TC18 and you just can’t stop raving about it with your co-workers, your co-workers want to learn too. But, they want to customize their experience and only watch relevant videos

Now, thanks to TC18 Custom Playlist creator, you can do that

filter the list to sessions you want to watch and you get a custom playlist


NBA MVP 2018 – Tableau Analysis

Last year, I posted an Infographic made in Tableau that showed how the players did in the regular season of NBA.

Some of the metrics in that post used my own way to calculating what an NBA MVP should be. And Russell Westbrook, stood out on the top right.

This year, some folks asked me how my infographic would look like with 2017-18 regular season. So, here you go

NBA Regular Season 2018