Project History Dashboard

This is one of the dashboards in a series of dashboards that we have for Executives


About Data: The dashboard has all the consulting engagements for Lovekesh Babbar over the 15 yrs of consulting work.

Executive Dashboard – State of the Business

You are an executive who wants to see the “State of the Business” at your fingertips.

So, you need a dashboard. Is it too much to ask that you have your data and have it look professional too?

Here’s one that shows your data in an art form


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Executive Dashboard – Tablet Mode

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Using AngularJS to build your visualization

Recently, someone asked me how I would compare AngularJS as a platform to create visualization vs. Tableau and I mentioned a few things.

Here are some of my documented thoughts

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Data Viz 0r Eye Candy?

It is interesting how much time a lot of designers spend on creating an engaging visualization.

At the end of the day, isn’t data just data? 

As long as we are presenting it in a meaningful way, should we really spend so much time prettying up our dashboards?

This is where I find that data consumers (which is pretty much everyone) who see an dashboard that has been designed for its purpose, spend a lot more time consuming the information


The first dashboard was created within 5-10 minutes with the Tableau Superstore dataset. It provides some very useful info


But, the second ones begs a lot of questions and you are intrigued to spend a lot more time with it.


So, with this particular series, I will put up images of some dashboards that have caught my eye that or the ones I have created. So, hopefully, you can get some inspiration


enjoy the eye-candy

4th Data Revolution

After invention of writing (4000 B.C.), then movable type (in tenth century), mass printing in the eighteenth century and now the information age.

Isn’t it cool that we are part of one of the biggest transformation of our interactions with each other?

How GreenButton helped me save 35% on my utilities bill

I love data, I do.
And if you give me some data, I am going to try to utilize it somehow.

Recently, I was driven to act upon our energy consumption habits when I started to see our family utilities bill climb up every single month. I will be honest, I didn’t care until our bill was less than 100$ month, but climbing up every month couldn’t be right. PGE couldn’t be raising my rates every day, could they?

So I did some fact finding and figures that it was all my fault (and my family’s)

So, now did I reduce my bill? Here are a simple few steps that might help you too (hopefully they do)

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